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October 2010

Palawan: Paradise on Earth


Beach Scene

Blue Skies, White clean sandy beaches are some of things that you notice once you’re vacationing in Palawan. We were there last March but I’ve just started to write about the experience as I pore through all the pictures we took back then.

Our visit was a “whirlwind” experience. True, we stayed 5 nights and 4 days but it seemed like we stayed for just a day! We were up before 5 each day and was in bed not earlier than 11 in the evening. There was simply too much to see and absorb. We arrived at the Palawan International Airport before noon that first day Puerto Princessa Airport 02and was picked up by our hosts from the Hibiscus Garden Inn. Hibiscus Inn Front SignWe had lunch at Chicken Inasal which was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Around 1 pm, we were off to our first tour which was around the city. We visited, among others, the Palawan Crocodile Farm,Baby Crocs the Mitra Mansion, View of Honda Bay from Mitra's Rancha handicraft factory, the oldest Fort in the city which name escapes me and much more. Palawan Baker's Hill City Tour 06 Palawan Crocodile Farm with Ostrich 2The second day, we were off to the internationally famous Palawan Underground River Palawan Underground Waiting for our Turn 02Palawan Underground River Entrancewhere we rafted inside this huge dark cave with the water level literally just inches from the top of the boat we were seated in. I was particularly concerned about this since I just bought my Nikon DSLR and was afraid our fragile craft would slowly sink along with the gear. Of course, my fears were unfounded and we enjoyed the the rest of this deep dark realm of bats and other nocturnal creatures. Palawan Underground River Strange Rock Formation 02Palawan Underground River Strange Rock Formation 03Palawan Underground River Strange Rock Formation 04Palawan Underground River Strange Rock Formation

We had lunch at the quaint seaside resort of Sabang and were treated to the freshest seafood dishes which I absolutely love! After lunch, I had a ball taking photos of the beach scene. Sabang Beach 04Sabang Beach 05Sabang Beach BancaSabang Beach CarabaoSabang Beach TimonSabang Beach 04 Row of Coconuts

The next day we went island-hopping. This was also when we had a chance to swim and marvel at the sight of feeding fish just beneath our feet. Truly a marvelous sight to behold! Unfortunately, my camera was not waterproof so I did not capture the moment in digital format but the memory will forever be etched in our minds! The whole day was spent on 4 islands we visited. The two bigger islands were called Pandan and the other is called Snake Island. These are some of the photos I took then. Palawan FishportPalawan Pandan Island 10Palawan Pandan Island 13Palawan Pandan Island 16Palawan Pandan Island 17 (2)Palawan Pandan Island 26Palawan Pandan Island 31 (2)Palawan Pandan Island 32Palawan Snake Island 03Palawan Starfish Island 02Palawan Starfish Island 05 

Our fourth day was spent at the famous Dos Palmas Resort which was quite a ways from Puerto Princessa and obviously dwarfed, in terms of size, the islands we visited the previous day. If you remember, this was the same resort were kidnappings took place in May of 2001. If you’re interested in the story behind this international incident, check out Obviously, no such untoward incident occurred when we were there and these are the photos I took that day. Dos Palmas Flower Garden 02Dos Palmas Main EntranceDos Palmas Welcoming CommitteeJoy at Dos Palmas 10 New BleachedJoy Snorkeling 04Joy with Bike at Dos PalmasLonely Cottage by the Bay 

All good things must come to a close and sadly, we had to say goodbye to Palawan. However, we shall return soon if not sooner to once again experience the beauty of its scenic spots and the charming hospitality of its people. Perhaps next time we’d run into each other… Just be sure to say hi!


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