Two of my photos are in the running for inclusion in Fine Art America’s National TV contest. While there is no monetary gain from winning the contest, having one’s photo or photos included in the commercial that will be aired on US national TV offers tremendous exposure for any photographer specially one that is just starting out in the field (myself included)! While I am proud of the photos I have taken, I am specially fond of my entry entitled “Buffalo Beach” as it has a distinctly Filipino (maybe Asian) flavor and one that would likely catch the imagination of those not familiar with the sights (and sounds) from the Orient. In fact, I liked the photo so much that I opted to use it as my banner photo in this blog.

The photo, taken in Palawan in the summer of 2010 shows a calesa or cart with a driver and two other on board being pulled through the beach right beside the waterline by a carabao (Asian buffalo). What is interesting about the photograph is that one, you don’t see a carabao taxi very often even in the Philippines and two, these beasts of burden are almost exclusively used to plow terrain for cultivation. It was a hot summer day when I took the picture and in the distance, the viewer can just make out the outline of a banca or outrigger canoe with bamboo stabilizers coming back from its trip to Palawan’s famous Underground River. Even beyond the banca was one of the many islands that dot the Palawan coast ever beckoning to be explored.

As is the problem with photographers just starting in the field, getting exposure for one’s work is difficult at best. By joining the contest (and if lucky) being chosen as one of five finalists, I could have the exposure that my photography work will need and, hopefully, things may pick-up from there. You can check out the photo Buffalo Beach and Lonely Canoe at the Fine Art America website.  If you find that you like one or both, please do not hesitate to vote for it/them. You can also share the links to those whom you think would be interested. It will mean so much to me!

UPDATE: 06/01/12 The results are in and Buffalo Beach garnered a total of 168 votes while Lonely Canoe received a modest 112 votes. Unfortunately, the votes were not enough to advance them to the next round of selections. Nevertheless, we are thankful for those who have believed in the photos and given their votes. We also would like to congratulate the contestants whose photos have earned 250 or more votes and wish them good luck in the final round. The results are here.