DATELINE – April 22, 2013

Libacao, Aklan — The Tibyog Libacaonon Youth Group or TLYG, headed by its President Jay Mar Venancio formed the first ever amateur Press Corps in Libacao staffed entirely by members of the said youth organization whose ages range from eighteen and above. Aside from fostering camaraderie among the members, the group seeks to help raise awareness of the issues confronting the townsfolk in the runup towards the local elections next month and, more importantly, according to Mr. Venancio, inform the voters of their hometown of the identities of the various candidates, their platforms of government and their various campaign-related activities.

The TLYG Press Corps is temporarily based at the TYLG office in Libacao, Aklan and headed by Managing Editors, Jay Mar Venancio and Roy Nervar and ably supported by volunteer writers,  reporters and researchers from their youth-oriented organization.