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December 2016

Light Rain, 25°C

Pasir Ris

Today is Kyle’s 16th birthday and we all celebrated at Wild Wild Wet, a resort with all kinds of slides and water rides. It is definitely better than any water resort in the Philippines and it costs a whole lot too. Fortunately, Dong and Dang paid for everyone’s entrance fee of s$24 each. Got a few nice photos too.

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Light Rain, 28°C

134 Quezon

After much consternation and despair, I was finally able to make the laptop battery I bought from Lazada to work properly with Joy’s Windows 10 laptop. Turns out I only had to change one of the settings in the advanced section of power management which, if I remember correctly, pertains to the fan. I switched the setting from “passive” to “active” and it worked. I’m still observing what would happen next though but I’m hopeful everything would be OK.

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