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February 2017

Doing the Laundry and Mai-Mai

Clear Sky, 26°C

134 Quezon

Just got done helping Joy with the laundry. For a few minutes, I took photos of Mai-Mai, our mini-pinscher in between hanging clothes to dry. Joy will be leaving the house in a little bit to play mahjong with her friends and I’ll be stuck home alone. Yey!

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My new Huawei Mate 9

I got my new phone, the awesome Huawei Mate 9, from Play Telecom Gaisano courtesy of bro. Jerome and sis. Yeye Quimpo yesterday. I’ve been fiddling with it almost non-stop and I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it! All the phone needs now is that it gets rooted and, of course, a new case or cases that’ll show off the phone and not completely cover it.

I’ll have to cough up P3k for it every month for 12 months though but that is what I have to do to get a phone like this. I hope I don’t let the Quimpos down.

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Car troubles 

Overcast Clouds, 26°C

Dancorr Car Care Center, Western Nautical Highway, Numancia, Philippines

The car’s air conditioner belt was ripped to shreds so we went to Dancorr to have it fixed. There I discovered to my horror that the rear right tire also was shredded beyond repair and posed a major safety hazard. Its a good thing Joy had some money on her and we decided to buy two new front tires and moved the old (but still good) ones to the back. Also, Vaughn came through with his promise to buy me a new car battery; a Motolite worth P3,700. We thank the Good Lord for the blessings we received today despite the fact that we still have to spend for repairs and for the new tires. Its a miracle the old tire lasted that long without blowing up. God is Good all the time!

The replacement of the belt was not without a hitch however. The mechanic said there may also be a problem with the bearing as the belt still squealed when we started it. We had no other choice but to leave it there for the night (as it was already past closing time) so they can fix it first thing tomorrow.

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