Leonard Nimoy, whose claim to fame was his role as the inimitable Dr. Spock of the hit 90s Star Trek TV series, is claimed to have uttered these words. What does this mean and how can it be true?

This statement is either philosophical, religious and/or spiritual. Simply put, it is about helping those who are in need and it means that the more ‘things’ we give to others, the more ‘things’ we will receive because of our good deeds. Some people may consider it as “karma“. Of course, ‘things’ may be anything physical like ‘money’, ‘clothes’ etc or something non-physical like ‘Love‘ and ‘Happiness‘.


It can also mean that when a group of friends or even family do such corporal works of mercy together, that their bond becomes stronger. This is specially true with a group of like-minded individuals from Kalibo, Aklan who have made it their life’s work to lend a hand to people in need in their own small way. By contributing their meager resources to buy food and necessities to the families of children confined in the Pediatric ward of the Aklan Provincial Hospital, they have not only elicited the gratitude of the parents but more importantly, brought smiles to the faces of the young ones. Certainly, there is nothing more satisfying to behold.