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After much consternation and despair, I was finally able to make the laptop battery I bought from Lazada to work properly with Joy’s Windows 10 laptop. Turns out I only had to change one of the settings in the advanced section of power management which, if I remember correctly, pertains to the fan. I switched the setting from “passive” to “active” and it worked. I’m still observing what would happen next though but I’m hopeful everything would be OK.

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The Ati-Atihan Festival

“The Ati-Atihan Festival is a feast held annually in January in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus), concluding on the third Sunday, in the island and town of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines. The name “Ati-Atihan” means “to be like Aetas” or “make believe Ati’s.” Aetas were the primary settlers in the islands according to history books. They too are the earliest settlers of Panay Island where the province of Aklan is situated.
The festival consists of tribal dance, music, accompanied by indigenous costumes and weapons, and parade along the street. Christians, and non-Christians observe this day with religious processions. It has inspired many other Philippine Festivals including the Sinulog Festival of Cebu and Dinagyang of Iloilo, both adaptations of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival.” – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  #mjphotog #MPEblog

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Panagsagan supports Legaspi!

DATELINE: Libacao, Aklan 2 May 2013

Independent congressional aspirant, Capt. Ramy “Nono” Panagsagan, despite his exhaustive campaign sorties in Libacao and Madalag municipalities yesterday, found time to express his personal support for Tibyog Akean (Libacao) vice-mayoral candidate Jose Jerome “Dong” Legaspi (NP-LP).

Being a political newcomer, Capt. Panagsagan found in Mr. Legaspi the embodiment of what he had always believed in. This belief is retained in his campaign battle cry which is “Malinis na Hangarin at Tapat na Serbisyo!” loosely translated as: A Clean Purpose and Honest (public) Service.

Born in Altavas, Aklan on January 28,  1954, Ramy is the eldest of six siblings by Antonio Quimpo Panagsagan and Bienvenida Lepardo Evaristo. Even as a child he was considered a bright student and achiever. Eventually channeling his energy to maritime school, he became a seaman and quickly climbed the ranks. By 2011, he had already been ship captain for several international vessels owned by different multi-national shipping conglomerates. At about the same time, he dabbled in, and prospered in, private consumerism in his hometown of Altavas. There he set up Altavas Cable TV service and the R.E. Panagsagan Enterprises around the time of the turn of the millennium. Not content to rest on his laurels, Ramy now has set his sights on the lone congressional seat for Aklan in the Philippine Legislature by pitting himself against the “trapos” (traditional politicians) of Aklan politics who he believes have not done enough to improve the life of the average Aklanon. “It is not easy running as an independent candidate when your opponents have the machinery they’ve ammased during their years as representative of the province but voters are different now” confided Captain Panagsagan. “Matalino na ang botante ngayon, hindi na nababayaran ang boto”, he cheerfully added. (Voters are intelligent nowadays, their votes can’t be bought anymore!)

This faith in the people making the wise choice is shared by Libacao vice-mayoral candidate and incumbent Sangguniang Bayan (town council) member Jose Jerome “Dong” Legaspi. The second of four children by Former Libacao town Mayor Sol Ruiz Legaspi and Lota Villamil of Pangasinan, Jerome was reluctantly thrust into politics after his father’s untimely demise and almost immediately after graduating from college. Even then, the people were clamoring for him to follow in his father’s footsteps and continue the progress the late Mayor had started. Almost right after graduating from college at the prestigious San Juan De Letran of Manila, he ran for and easily grabbed a seat in the Municipal council which he still holds today. At a relatively young age of 42, Jerome has decided to continue the fight against corruption and political dynasties by throwing his hat in the proverbial vice-mayoral ring.

While both Captain Panagsagan and Jerome Legaspi’s paths toward the same goal appear to be very different, they are both united in their fight against corruption in all levels. On the one hand, Captain Panagsagan is up against some of the big names in Aklan politics fueled only by a noble purpose and a fighting heart, on the other, Jerome Legaspi is fighting the same nemesis with the same meager resources albeit closer to home. This bond has brought them together; even crossing established party lines.

The much-awaited election day is only ten days away but both tirelessly continue to convince their constituents that they are not only the WISE choice but also the RIGHT ones. After all is said and done, it is not the destination but the journey that counts.

Libacaonon Youth Group Creates Press Corps

DATELINE – April 22, 2013

Libacao, Aklan — The Tibyog Libacaonon Youth Group or TLYG, headed by its President Jay Mar Venancio formed the first ever amateur Press Corps in Libacao staffed entirely by members of the said youth organization whose ages range from eighteen and above. Aside from fostering camaraderie among the members, the group seeks to help raise awareness of the issues confronting the townsfolk in the runup towards the local elections next month and, more importantly, according to Mr. Venancio, inform the voters of their hometown of the identities of the various candidates, their platforms of government and their various campaign-related activities.

The TLYG Press Corps is temporarily based at the TYLG office in Libacao, Aklan and headed by Managing Editors, Jay Mar Venancio and Roy Nervar and ably supported by volunteer writers,  reporters and researchers from their youth-oriented organization.

Tibyog Akean Electoral Campaign in Full Swing

DATELINE – April 21, 2013

Libacao, Aklan – The Tibyog Akean movement in Libacao is gearing up towards the upcoming elections on May 13 and has ramped up its various operations with the goal of leaving the opposition by the wayside. The political group is spearheaded by the incumbent Vice-Mayor Ramon S. Zapata who is currently running for Mayor and, Jose Jerome “Dong” Legaspi, wizkid and three-time SB member, as Zapata’s running mate for Vice-Mayor.

The rest of Team Tibyog Libacao is composed of able and deserving SB members Rowel Castro,
Felizardo Ilig, Batheldes Nahil, Tarcesio Nervar, Wenefreda Solina, Aizel Villorente, Teodoro Villorente, Jr. and Anthony Zonio.

Their platform of government is based on transparency, improved public service, continuation of infrastructure projects particularly the rehabilitation of the farm to market roads to and from outlying barangays of the Poblacion and, the alleviation of poverty and the betterment of its residents’ well-being.


Lofty ideals, indeed, but the candidates are unanimous that these are all attainable with the people’s help. Townsfolk on the street are tired of the old politics which the Tibyog Akean seeks to demolish and they proclaim they will carry the team to the Municipal Office come 5.13.13.

Fine Art America National TV Contest

Two of my photos are in the running for inclusion in Fine Art America’s National TV contest. While there is no monetary gain from winning the contest, having one’s photo or photos included in the commercial that will be aired on US national TV offers tremendous exposure for any photographer specially one that is just starting out in the field (myself included)! While I am proud of the photos I have taken, I am specially fond of my entry entitled “Buffalo Beach” as it has a distinctly Filipino (maybe Asian) flavor and one that would likely catch the imagination of those not familiar with the sights (and sounds) from the Orient. In fact, I liked the photo so much that I opted to use it as my banner photo in this blog.

The photo, taken in Palawan in the summer of 2010 shows a calesa or cart with a driver and two other on board being pulled through the beach right beside the waterline by a carabao (Asian buffalo). What is interesting about the photograph is that one, you don’t see a carabao taxi very often even in the Philippines and two, these beasts of burden are almost exclusively used to plow terrain for cultivation. It was a hot summer day when I took the picture and in the distance, the viewer can just make out the outline of a banca or outrigger canoe with bamboo stabilizers coming back from its trip to Palawan’s famous Underground River. Even beyond the banca was one of the many islands that dot the Palawan coast ever beckoning to be explored.

As is the problem with photographers just starting in the field, getting exposure for one’s work is difficult at best. By joining the contest (and if lucky) being chosen as one of five finalists, I could have the exposure that my photography work will need and, hopefully, things may pick-up from there. You can check out the photo Buffalo Beach and Lonely Canoe at the Fine Art America website.  If you find that you like one or both, please do not hesitate to vote for it/them. You can also share the links to those whom you think would be interested. It will mean so much to me!

UPDATE: 06/01/12 The results are in and Buffalo Beach garnered a total of 168 votes while Lonely Canoe received a modest 112 votes. Unfortunately, the votes were not enough to advance them to the next round of selections. Nevertheless, we are thankful for those who have believed in the photos and given their votes. We also would like to congratulate the contestants whose photos have earned 250 or more votes and wish them good luck in the final round. The results are here.

Basic Photography Class in Libacao, Aklan in October!

Official Poster

MJ Photography is proud to announce the first ever Basic Photography classes to be held in Libacao, Aklan. The first of a series of special classes will be held in October of 2012 to allow students on their semestral break to take part. The goal of this class is to provide the enthusiast with the skill to take better pictures. Tips on the Rule of Thirds, Leading lines, etc will be discussed along with proper posture and positioning when taking photos.  A DSLR is not necessary but we recommend the student bring a camera that allows the user to change the camera’s shutter speed, ISO and, if possible,  the camera lens’s focal length. Note that some cellphones do not allow the user to make such changes so we ask the participants not to bring them for this class. More information will be available as the date approaches so visit this site regularly.

Hello WordPress!

Starting out on a new blog at This is certainly a step up from the old Live Spaces blog site and I hope to be able to update this regularly in the future. Till then please have a great day!

SM Fairview is now a Wifi Hot Zone!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that SM Fairview is now a free Wifi Hotzone! This means that it’s increasingly getting easier for everyone to be “connected” without breaking the bank in cellphone charges. 

Filipinos, in general, are avid mall-goers who spend anywhere from 2 to 8 hours a week on the average inside these large air-conditioned buildings. Giving them access to the Internet while going about their business is beneficial in more ways than one. For instance, if one wants to know which brand of a given product is better, one would search the Internet for information from existing users. The possibilies are endless!

In time, with the proliferation of wifi-enabled devices, everyone will be tapping on the limitless resources of the Internet and I’m just glad to see that some business institutions like the SM malls are helping shape this into reality.

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